Name a couple of items that you can recycle and tell how you would change them.

1. Plastic soda bottle.  I will make a lamp . Paint the bottle and decorate it ,  get an old broken lamp that had good wiring parts and use it , fill the bottle with dry beans , rice, or sand for weight so the bottle lamp won’t tilt over. La la a brighter day with my new lamp.

2. T-shirts. Old worn out , I will cut them up and use for dusting rags and for washing my car.

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Hello world! KWSAH

Bringing our products back home is what Kwsah is all about. Kelsey we start at home is the new Queen of all Handmade products,KWSAH.  Take  control of self respect and do your own thing.  Producting your own things for yourself has the personal touch that we as American has lost.  We have sold our self to other foreign countrie and depending on other Countries to product for us in the United States is sad. Come back to self production and lets make our own things.  If you made your own products this is the blog for you.  Also visit and get started.

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