Name a couple of items that you can recycle and tell how you would change them.

1. Plastic soda bottle.  I will make a lamp . Paint the bottle and decorate it ,  get an old broken lamp that had good wiring parts and use it , fill the bottle with dry beans , rice, or sand for weight so the bottle lamp won’t tilt over. La la a brighter day with my new lamp.

2. T-shirts. Old worn out , I will cut them up and use for dusting rags and for washing my car.

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1 Response to Recycle

  1. Tamitha says:

    I reuse my baby wipe containers to store items such as plastic bags, pens and pencils, my children hair bows and any thing else that will fit. I label them and they are easy to place around the house and help me keep organized. And to make it more fun, my kids and I sometimes decorate them and this excites them to keep up with some of their items as well.

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